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Essential Oils From Ruks Beauty

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Get your essential oils online from Ruks Beauty, shipping UK wide

Essential oils can be used in aromatherapy, used to scent rooms in a diffuser or burner and topically on the skin for their calming and soothing properties along with traditional 'healing' techniques. Have a look at our selection of essential oils to find what you need at Ruks Beauty.

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Essential oils can help with:

Stress and Anxiety

Studies using essential oils have suggested positive results for those suffering with anxiety. Applied either through a soothing massage or an oil burner, scents including lavender and camomile can have a calming effect. Give them a try and relieve yourself of stress.


The application of certain essential oils to the temples can potentially be an effective way of soothing a headache.

Difficulty with Sleep

If you are having trouble sleeping, essential oils can sometimes help to soothe you and aid fall asleep.

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Ask us about our essential oils at Ruks Beauty

Whether you're looking for lavender oil to help relax you at bedtime or tea tree oil for its natural antiseptic qualities, call or email is for further information.

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