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Yoni Home Steaming Spa

Yoni Home Steaming Spa

Yoni Steam Electric Spa is used for Vaginal Steaming, Cleansing,  Detox, Menstrual Support, Feminine Odor, Postpartum Care, Rejuvenate, and healing of some vaginal disorders.

Yoni steaming Spa is a feminine hygiene solution tool that supports the natural feminine cycle with yoni viginal steaming, a powerful ancient remedy that has been used for centuries by women worldwide in different cultures. As time went by new technology evolved, and women are able to use natural remedies together with moisturizing Yoni steam spa baths in the comfort of their homes.

At Ruks Beauty Store Yoni herbal packs are sold separately. The Herbal packs contain ten natural ingredients, including Plantain, Rosemary, Yarrow Leaf, Calendula Flower, Red Rose Petal, Mugwort, Red Raspberry, Motherwort, lavender, and Basil leaf that are safe to be used by women.  Our Yoni steaming Spa has different temperature settings and the automatic steam generator will boil the water as per your comfort. The dry burning alarm makes it safer for you to relax and enjoy the streaming experience.

The Yoni Steaming Spa is simple and Comfortable to use.


Put your herbs, and water in the Yoni Steamer bowl and plug it in.

wrap in loose clothes to allow are ready to be seated warmer, and relaxed for 30-45 minutes, our yoni steam bowl will provide you a full spectrum of support for women’s vaginal health gently and effectively.

Benefits of Yoni Steaming :

Women using Yoni vaginal Steamer Spa for cleansing benefit from healing their wombs from stress and detoxification, and their menstrual cycle is regulated. Reduces exhaustion and other negative symptoms.

 Aids toxins out of the body

 Alleviates abdominal pain and pressure.

Relieves menstrual cramps

 Regenerates damaged tissues Tighten the vagina.

Aids in healing hemorrhoids

Helps alleviate vaginal odor

Helps the womb absorb herbal medicines into the bloodstream

 balances hormone levels.

Aids the body by ridding itself of bacteria, viruses, and fungi

Stimulates the growth of white blood cells and antibodies

Sweating creates cardio benefits

It  stabilizes menstrual moods 

Yoni Strengthens the Uterus. 

Aids the womb of excess waste which contributes to cysts, fibroids, cancers, and tumors

Relieves menopausal symptoms • Facilitates emotional purging

Helps align chakras

Yoni Steaming builds self-esteem in women.

 Releases stagnant energy and stimulates creativity.

Supports lymphatic health

Assists with fluid retention

Strengthens communication

Stimulates healthy sexual energy

Reduction and elimination of abnormal growths in the womb with consistent use

 Releases cellular memories of sexual and physical traumas

 Helps women cleanse in preparation for conceiving.

Speeds up recovery after childbirth for pregnant women.


At RUKS BEAUTY we believe you will enjoy the experience of steaming your Yoni and gain the health benefit that your vagina deserves just like millions of women who have purchased our Yoni Spa to boost their healthy living lifestyle.

  • Return Refund and Cancellation

    Return and Refund:

    Customers have Seven days working days to contact RUKS BEAUTY and 28 days to return the product. The product should be in its original packaging and not used. If the item remains in the customer's possession for more than seven days without contacting or returning it to RUKS BEAUTY. It will be considered used and WE WILL NOT ISSUEA REFUND OR REPLACEMENT TO CUSTOMER. RUKS BEAUTY HAS NO EXCEPTIONS. All returned items MUST BE in the original packaging and you MUST PROVIDE us with the shipping tracking number, specific reason for the return, and your order ID. We will refund THE FULL WINNING BID AMOUNT, upon receipt of the product in its original condition and packaging with all components and accessories included. The customer will bear all the product return shipping costs. RUKS BEAUTY will continue to maintain high standards of excellence and strive for one hundred percent to meet customer satisfaction. Reviews are important for business growth, Therefore, RUKS BEAUTY would kindly request uncertified customers contact us before posting a negative review which can discourage New Customers from exploring the services provided. RUKS BEAUTY will ensure that all negative reviews are professionally dealt with on time.


    Products can be canceled within 30 minutes of purchase.

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